Humming Hill Farm - Our hens and eggs

Here at Humming Hill Farm we are passionate about the importance of providing affordable, healthy, organic food grown under humane circumstances.


..... their home


......their play


.......their work


.....their sleep

Our 350-400 hens are used to a free life and do all the things hens should do: dust bath, catching bugs, worms, insects and graze on our organic chemical-free pasture. They are fed twice daily with 100% organic layer pellets, organic veges and their daily portion of (oyster) grit. Consequently you can be assured there are no insecticides, pesticides, artificial food colourings and importantly antibiotics in our fresh eggs.

Our organic eggs are delivered immediately upon demand making them as fresh as possible. They are sold under the brand name Humming Hill Farm and you can purchase them at the New World Supermarkets in Hastings, Greenmeadows and Havelock North and also at the organic shops; Cornucopia in Hastings , Fresh 'n' Wild and Bellatinos in Havelock North and JJ organics and Hohepa in Napier.

Some of Hawke's Bay's most popular cafe's use our eggs including; Taste Cornucopia in Hastings and Pipi restaurant in Havelock North.

Try them once and you will really taste the difference!